Special Projects

We have assisted clients with many different types of special telecom related projects in the past.

Can we help you with:

Telecom Strategy & Contract Consulting

Want assistance in reviewing your contracts (local to global), nearing the end of term and facing an overage/shortfall, need to know your best options in today's marketplace?

Managed Services

Do you want to evaluate if managed telecom/datacom services will benefit your organization? What to look out for if managed services are warranted? How to negotiate optimum pricing.

Merger & Acquisitions

Do you need skilled consulting resources to assist in a merger or to help evaluate the telecom assets and contracts of a possible acquisition?

In-Building Cellular Solutions

With cellular coverage becoming an important part of any organization, and environmentally protected buildings blocking cellular signals, we can help arrange for RF surveys to determine the extent or lack of in-building coverage. If a solution is needed, we can negotiate with specialized providers to optimize the coverage within your building.

Expert Legal Witness

Do you need an unbiased expert witness to assist in your legal case dealing with any carrier or provider?