Telecom/Datacom Services Contracts, RFPs

With the proliferation of network service providers in today's telecommunication markets, it has become increasingly time-consuming and complicated to sift through the myriad of carriers and vendors. It is also difficult to verify with certainty that your business is realizing the greatest cost savings.

Telecom611 has the experience and expertise to analyze your telecom/datacom expenses, and we can explain your true costs in terms that you can understand. We can efficiently and clearly evaluate and summarize your bottom-line costs.

There are also many technology choices, ranging from MPLS, SIP, SD-WAN, Internet and virtual private lines, to name a few. We can help evaluate what is best suited for your business needs.

Our knowledge of the most reliable service providers enables us to obtain competitive bids and recommend the services that are best suited to your company's specific needs. As unbiased independent consultants, we serve your needs in this process.

Because we are familiar with the carrier's programs and policies and know the day-to-day changes, we can save you time and money by negotiating custom agreements that will ensure that you get the greatest cost savings that best meet your business needs.

Audit and Analysis of Existing Services

For clients who wish to ensure that they are receiving the best rates and service on an existing contract, we offer an audit of existing services. If applicable, we can assist in the optimization of services already in place.

Carrier Request for Proposal (RFP) Projects

For clients who wish to get the best rates and service the market has to offer, we manage provider bidding and selection, as well as negotiation of custom tariffs or contracts.

Vendor Bid Review

For clients who have received vendor bids and are seeking assistance in making an evaluation, we offer an unbiased viewpoint and expert assistance.